independent financial advice to increase your wealth & security

Our Approach

What we do

As your independent broker, Synergy Financial LLC sits between you and the world’s financial markets and institutions.

The contract that you have is with the product provider, not with Synergy Financial.

However, we act as your agent in all things to do with the contract, your one point of contact for all your wealth and security needs.

Why choose us?

Unbiased independent financial advice is the key ingredient that Synergy Financial LLC provides. An experienced broker will be able to breakdown the financial services jargon and help you make informed decisions about your financial needs.
Synergy Financial LLC prides itself on its levels of personalised service. We recognise that no two clients have the exact same requirements and so we adapt our service according to your needs rather than expecting you to adapt to ours.
Synergy Financial LLC is comprised of a team of very experienced financial services professionals each with 20 or more years of working in the industry. These key individuals are surrounded by support staff who have the necessary skills to deal with client enquires in an efficient manner.
Whilst prices will never be greater than going direct to the financial institution, on occasion we have been able to negotiate discounts due to awareness of options within the wider market and the wholesaler effect.